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USAREC Form 3.2- Resume questions.

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Got my packet pretty much done except for this form just waiting for my physical to get back from Ruckers.

I was just wondering what everyone said in the summary section. The previous duty positions and such are simple enough. Just drawing a bit of a blank for the summary.

Trying to submit for the January 2020 board. Any help would be appreciated!

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The summary was one the hardest sections for me to do honestly. I started off by writing a bunch of bullet statements and various things that I needed to hit on. From there I wrote a bunch of paragraphs that reflected those bullets and then figured out an order and tidy everything up. I struggled hard to keep everything concise yet give enough detail with quantitative and qualitative bullets.

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I did the paragraph about why I wanted to be a warrant officer, talked about my desire to continue my career in the army, not just get my pilots license on the army’s dime and dip out. But that’s where I drew a blank. Only have one NCOER and it’s not finished yet and it’s honestly not the greatest...... hope that doesn’t screw me. 

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