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Color Vision Waivers?

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I recently came across information about the U.S. Army WOFT program. Years ago, I never heard of this, and sounds like a great fast track to a career for someone off the street to get into a pilot seat. Years ago I aspired to become a pilot, but my color vision was an issue. I failed the plate test, the FALANT, but was issued a civilian waiver after passing the laser light gun test. Which is the light gun in the tower. I can fly civilian by night as I believe. But I didn't have the financing available to pay for civilian school. And I attempted the army route, but the recruiter told me that in the flight class 1 physical for the army being color deficient, I was SOL. And back then I was never informed of any WOFT. I walked away from my goal. Since then I've worked as a Deputy Sheriff, and now a heavy equipment mechanic. But listening and reading into the WOFT program, a pilot shortage and that the air force has changed their color vision restrictions, can anyone give me any insight that maybe I still have a chance to make it? 

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Honestly the best thing is to schedule a flight physical with your local recruiter, then ask the flight surgeon while you’re there. It’s free to get it done so why not just try? Let them tell you no and exhaust all of your resources. 

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The color standard is color safe, not normal color. The army has transitioned to a computer based test known as the rabin cone contrast test. If you meet a certain benchmark, you are color safe. If you don't, thats when you find yourself in ETP territory. How that goes is anyones guess, but a good friend just had an ETP rejected by proponent to be a 15T, let alone a pilot. You can fight to make them say no. I would say I don't think it's likely, but as the pilot shortage gets worse, who knows. Keep us posted. 

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