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I am currently in guard and was in for 6 yrs prior service active duty.

When I was initially building my packet, I didnt declare disability on my prior Class 1 (the one for the board) because my VA claim wasn't processed yet back then, it was still pending decision for the rating.

Fast forward today, I already got selected, went through WOCS and about to move on to WOBC phase. My situation is that I have VA disability and that im wondering if I should declare that now when I go through another initial class 1 at Rucker (The one right before flight school). I just don't want to kick myself for opening up a can of worms when i shouldn't have. 

Will the flight surgeon see that I have disability? Should I declare that I have disability?


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The right answer is never lie on an official government document. For what it's worth, I didn't even need a waiver for my 1W for a back strain, knee strain, and tinnitus that added up to a 30% rating. 

Depending what you claimed, and what was awarded, I think it certainly has the potential to cause problems, or at the very least, a headache. 

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Did you have to show them documentations etc in connection for your disability during the physical?

I tried going to VA to ask for copies of my health record but they told me that theyre so backed up that my record is not even on the system yet and that I might have to wait for a year...

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Not a doc, but some notes.

Another thing if you haven't thought of already are your VA payments. They are suppose to stop once you're on AD/orders. Don't know if you did that. If you haven't, you may need to pay some of it back.

I recall, maybe in questionnaire, before the physical with a bunch of yes/no/NA checkboxes or dots, there was a question about receiving, claiming or pending disability compensation, which some can overlook (I did as well, got my share of headaches). If it was an oversight, you can claim it as so at least if you choose to disclose it.

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