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I'm currently an MS-2 enrolled as a contracted cadet rolling towards the end of my sophomore year. Only months ago not only did I find out that Warrant Officers fly in the Army, but that flying is their primary duty as an aviation specialist. Initially I had supreme interest in becoming an aviation officer, however I understand that accessions don't always serve every cadet's wants whether they truly deserve a specific branch or not. Aside from that point, even if I were to branch aviation, I'm more invested in learning everything there is about the fleet of aircraft the Army employs, and focusing my career around becoming a great pilot all while serving at a higher capacity. That all being said, how can I make myself as marketable as possible in preparation to send off a packet for WOFT? What's a great fitness plan to max out the APFT and possibly the ACFT? What can I do to prepare myself for interviews for LORs? What might be the best study guide for the SIFT?

At this point I am open to all suggestions and recommendations as I am willing to pour everything I've got into this. 

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IMO, the best thing you can do to make yourself competitive right now is to earn a high GPA in your college courses, score a 300 APFT, study/get the best possible SIFT score that you can, and use the attachments as a guide when writing your resume. Also, find people to write LORs for you that know you rather than seeking out someone that may have high credentials but doesn't know anything about you. If you do not get selected on your first board, continue to improve your packet and keep submitting a packet until you get selected.

I followed the Mountain tactical APFT plan at the link below and scored a 300 APFT.  Another good fitness program to check out is the gym jones link.



I used the Helicopter Flying Handbook and a SIFT study guide book to prepare for the SIFT.  I did not see the study guide that I used on Amazon, but I recommend you read through the reviews and just pick one.



ActionOfficer_StaffWriting.pdf DOD Writing Style.pdf

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First step, figure out your financial obligation to the Army. As a contracted cadet you are legally obligated to repay in money or years of enlisted service for failing to finish your contract and commission.

You can also work with a guard or reserve unit for simultaneous service in an aviation unit which essentially guarantees you an aviation commission. 

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