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For those ACTIVE DUTY aviation Warrant Officers with a 6 year ADSO, you still may have this option available if meeting the requirements. Age primarily and a 4yr degree. For those who may have an interest in continuing on ACTIVE DUTY in another service, it's possible in the pilot seat.

The new 10 year ADSO will take this option off the table for ACTIVE DUTY transfers. You would have less than 9 years before being retirement eligible. Not a good investment since AF SUPT ADSO is 10 years after winging.

There have been literally hundreds of Army aviators over the years that made the transition to Air Force/Navy/Marine/Coast Guard flight training programs and having successful careers while on ACTIVE DUTY.

A few years ago, the AF Thunderbird slot (#4) pilot was a former Army Reserve CW2 UH-60 aviator who made the transfer to AF ACTIVE DUTY and SUPT.

I'm certain 1 or 2 former Army CWO aviators retired as AF General Officers while serving solely on ACTIVE DUTY. I wouldn't even be surprised if there were 1 or 2 astronauts. Warrant Officer Power when totally unleashed.

What's my point you may ask? The 6 yr ADSO may possibly allow you in finishing your military aviation career in another branch of service on ACTIVE DUTY.

Good luck and choose wisely.


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I changed the 1st sentence. Army aviators with the 6 year ADSO contract, may be eligible for the ACTIVE DUTY transfer if meeting the requirements. 

There should no problem with the Reserves or National Guard. They maintain Rigid Flexibility at all times.

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