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Helicopter Down in the GOM


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Just real quick...


I'm not going to give a lot of details, so please don't ask. Here's what I can say:


The pilot worked with me out of Creole. He was at a customer's base overnight and departed from there this morning for an offshore platform. We worked the crash site all day. No survivors, although one was pulled out of the water which later passed.


No idea of what caused the crash at this time.


When they release the details I'll share what is appropriate.


My thoughts and prayers to all of the family members.



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I will be praying for the families. Also really I hope they find peace in such a tragedy.


For everyone else let all continue to do the best job we can do. Don’t take shortcut on that preflight and don't take and unnecessary risk. Remember your training and listen to your gut.


Please don't assume I believe that the pilot made any mistakes that cause this tragedy. I just hope we are all are doing whatever we can to prevent the next accident. Fly safe.


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Well, here's the NTSB's preliminary report. Not much new really except I find the weather interesting.


They show it as not too bad... I was there. They show it relatively decent, but I recall high winds (36 - 41 knots) when we got to the crash site. Yes, the ceiling and viz improved dramatically by then, but not earlier. Sabine Pass is just west of Creole (the pearl of Louisiana). Earlier it was just horrible. We couldn't launch until after 9:00 due to rain, snow, freezing rain, ceilings of less than 100', fog, winds over 35 knots, etc.


Still do not know the cause, which is on everyone's minds. Our company is stating it was not weather related. I can't think of any other reason though based on his nose down attitude and high speed impact with the water...baring any catastrophic problem with the aircraft (which I highly doubt). Sounds like classic spatial disorientation to me...and how would one get into that on a clear calm day as they (NTSB and Coast Guard) are reporting?


Joe was a skilled pilot and a great guy. He's missed.


Nearly every piece of the L4 has been recovered, so we will eventually have closure on a possible cause.


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