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Schweizer 300C Drive belts and other parts

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Been on their website, they do not have those parts listed as available for sale. I contacted them anyway just to be sure. Thanks for your help!


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Bristow flies the 300cbi....it uses the same belt set as the A and B models...the 269c uses a larger diameter set...thus the dash 5 on the part number.

Maybe you shouldnt have retired that old set you were complaining about on the other post!

I can sell u a used set... Bout 50 hour on the set.. I also have your door latch..used

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Oh, and by the way, this is the same belt set that I was complaining about in the other post. We decided to replace them at the 50 hour, as I said. 50 hour is done and we are waiting on belts... We started looking as soon as we found the problem, but have been jerked around by suppliers for weeks. Typical stuff, which is one of the reasons I started that topic in the first place. If we stop and replace every little nick and crack we find we will never get any flying done.


Edit: the door handle came off in my hand during the 50 hour inspection :blink:

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Found a new set of belts. Hopefully they arrive before the weekend. Probably got the last new set in the free world :blink:. Not one of the North America Sikorsky distributors had any in stock. Apparently they are on back order with no lead date. FYI, the guys at Heli-Mart in Costa Mesa have awesome customer service. I will definitely be giving them my business in the future.


Still need that door latch though...

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Hellimart GREAT Co. & Edd has awesome knowledge

We can get 500 parts quicker than from UK agent, usually 2 days from order, US To our door in UK.

Lets not start on 300 parts :angry: :angry: :angry: shafts,dampers, shall I go on, it would appear they don't rely want the 300 line, only the drone technology.

There appears to be little or no back up, no understanding regarding the customer requirements, & certainly no commitment to service.

The S300 light AC program is more or less a Circus.

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It would appear that way. I was not pleased with the Sikorsky customer support. They didn't even know which department to transfer me to. O_o


Customer Service ?

Wrong Company :D :lol: :D

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