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Civilian Photograph

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For those of you who had a successful packet, what were the specs for your photograph? The WOFT website says to use a full lenght photo, but the Army has very specific guidelines for DA photographs. Namely, from two inches above the head to two inches below the jacket, 15 degrees with left side forward. What format did you use? Full length, straight on, angled, smile, etc.


Thanks for any advice, I'm going to get my photo taken this week.

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My recruiter took my picture at the station. We used an US Flag and a USAREC flag for the background. They printed the picture to put in the package, then scanned a copy to have in .tif form for the electronic package. My picture was knee length, 3/4 front view, at attention.

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when i was doing a photo for my AD packet that never got completed they wanted me to have my wife take it at home and send it to them via email..


it's interesting to hear all the different ways to get the same thing done

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