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Helicycle with over 2 years of steady flying


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I dont post on here much as this site is more for the professional pilots whom I respect a lot. However, I have been having the time of my life feeding kerosene into my Helicycle. It has flown me on many cross country flights. I recently flew to Chicago to a rotorcraft fly-in and had a typical nice gathering around it.


This last year I streamlined the landing gear and the swashplate area. The landing gear fairings added over 4 mph to it and the swashplate almost 2 mph.


It has been the least maintenance of any rotorcraft I have ever owned...the other four were all gyroplanes. B.J. Schramm did one nice job engineering this machine.


It stays inside my shop in a heated and air conditioned environment....so its pampered for sure.


The turbine is a 150 horse Solar T-62 derated to 100 horse. I never have seen such an abundance of power on the HOTTEST and heaviest of days. Very easy to fly and very fast also.


Just saying there are some experimental success stories out here. This one took me 760 hours to build, and I love every minute of flying....and even more so savoring the memories of the last flight.


I wish everyone could at least experience a flight in one of these.


I tried attaching a picture here, but it would not go through. I have over 140 videos on YouTube under "Helicyclepilot" if you want to see it flying.





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Rotortramp- My last batch of kerosene was just under 4 dollars a gallon. Kerosene burns very clean. I put 3/4 ounce of Biobor per 55 gallon drum ofkerosene. My gascolator filter hasn't had so much as a speck in it the last year and a half. I just did a fuel flow test earlier today. That's how I caught the one incidence of algae starting to build up on my filter screen.

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I met with BJ in his shop in Idaho, not too long before he died, to talk about the helicycle. I got the information packet and a bundle of videos, and I've stopped in a few times since he was lost.


I really love hearing people's success stories in the experimental arena. Looks like you've done some nice work.

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Rotortramp- Thanks for the kind comment. I am appoaching 150 hours on it and so far the most expensive item were replacing my two Odyssey 680 batteries which had their lives shortened by my faulty battery charger. Other than a few shots of grease....changing some inexpensive turbine and main rotor transmission oil filters which I buy at my local NAPA helicopter supply store....my main expense is feeding this machines 12-13 gallon an hour appetite. It has been the most dependable aircraft I have ever owned and flown. I have had ultralights......over 800 hours in four different gyroplanes, and now this Helicycle. I have worked far more on just the pre-rotators on each of my four gyroplanes than I have on this whole machine. It is in my stairshop and is always on a state of readiness for my next flight.


You can go to my website and go to my helicopter page to see some shots of it from 2 years ago. I am going to upload some new pictures soon. www.stansstairways.com

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