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We had some unusually windy conditions a couple days ago, So we took the opportunity and incorporated it into our ongoing flight training.

The night portion of the training also gave us a chance to spend some time flying with the SX-5, and the other lighting systems onboard. After the pinnacle and confined Ops were concluded, we headed over to the Coast and caught a little of the Christmas lights in Del Mar and along the Coast. Quite pretty.


The video isn't great, The GoPro was installed inside the glass; I"ll try a different position on the bird tonight.

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Ahh cool. Is it slewable via a control on the collective? That's how our searchlight is controlled and once you get used to the control it becomes very useful.


yes, controllable on all planes, plus the beam pattern is also controllable, all from the Collective. ( 4 way trim switch, plus an additional switch outboard of the trim switch that controls the beam pattern).

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