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Robinson Safety Course December

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I still remember and tell the story of my trip to my students, sure you'll learn some great things, see the factory floor and make some great friends, but the flight is the best part. Sea level, instructors with thousands of hours experience, and a rich and fun learning environment without the stress of being judged or trying to trying to impress the instructor.


When I flew, I had the fortune of flying with a pilot from Scotland (I wish I could remember his name) who had such a positive attitude and loved flying so much that his enthusiasm was contagious. It was a great experience and I was excited to do it. I attended and flew in the late summer of 2009 when I was a newly minted private pilot. It was a beautiful clear sunny day in the 80s and everyone was excited to fly. At my flight school we utilized the newer Beta II so I was shocked to see cloth seats, a primer and an analog clock rather than digital. We went up and over to Compton Airport. I remembered the Good Year blimp was floating around and my instructor told me in his Scottish accent that they do their blimp training in the area.


Having never been to Southern California, and only knowing Compton from overhearing my older brothers gangster rap music when I was younger, I was a bit nervous and surprised to even hear the words "Compton Airport". He showed me some great approaches, we did some running landings and we were having a fun time. On the next pattern he told me "Let's do an auto." I felt excited! I had recently proved to an examiner my ability to do a straight in autorotation, and I knew that I was going to blow his socks off. I had done all my autos up until this point at 5000 DA from training in Idaho during the summer. I expected a long glide, judged accordingly and I was ready to wow this guy.


We had an excellent entry, glide and it was the most perfect auto of my life. I was so happy. We glided down low to the ground, I flared, leveled the ship and tried to roll on the throttle. My Scottish instructor kept me from rolling on the throttle, looked at me and said "Oh. No, we're taking this thing all the way to the ground." with a devilish smile. In the second between leveling out and contacting the ground my heart raced in pure fear, surprise and terror. I don't remember how much he helped me finish the auto, I don't know if the surprise realization that there would be no power-recovery caused me to freeze up, but a second later we were on the ground sliding to a stop.


Afterward he told me that it was the best full-down auto he had ever seen by a visitor, and that confidence boost was responsible for much of the rest of my training.


I'll never forget the Robinson safety course, and if that pilot's still there and you meet him, tell him that some guy online asked you to tell him "Thanks for being a great role-model."

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At my flight school we utilized the newer Beta II so I was shocked to see cloth seats, a primer and an analog clock rather than digital.


Analog clocks and cloth seats are actually pretty common, even in beta IIs. (its the old red map lights you don't want!). My school had 5 beta IIs two of which were brand new, and they all had analog clocks. I haven't seen a lot with primers though.


At the course the have two types of helicopters, the brand new "customer" ones they need to break in and the older "factory" ones which have been around for a while. I'm guessing you didn't fly one of the customer ones since they don't do touchdowns in them. Its cool to fly one with only 5hrs on it, but next time I go (possibly in November) I hope to fly one of the "factory" ships so I can do a touchdown, or two,...'cause they're just too much fun!

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I just sent in my application for the December 16-19 course. Is anyone else going to be attending the December course?

Just got in the DEC 16-19 course date as well.. I was a last minute add in. Are you still scheduled to take it this date as well? If so what are your hotel arrangements? Arrivals/departure dates, etc.. Where are you coming in out of? Im in Philadelphia, Myself.


Pm me, and we can exchange info

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