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Aircraft Selection. Post if you know the recent numbers.

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There are a lot of Kiowa guys going through airframe transitions. A -58 driver told me that the guys they had boarded for a transition are all getting either -47s and -64s. The ones that want -60s aren't getting it because HRC is telling them that there are too many -60 pilots in the CW2-CW3 range.


I'm willing to bet it has an impact on flight slot class availability. I'd imagine it's going to be heavy UH-60 on current selections. It'll be interesting to see what happens...

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Oh, and some 64 folks will be getting the E model course depending on where they get stationed.

Some Lts have already gotten an email saying they are doing the Echo transition when we were still in BCS. So far no Warrants have gotten the email about it. If you go to Lewis, Carson, or Campbell you will get it.

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