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HeliSuccess 2017


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I was wanting to attend this year, although I start my training in January - I'm sure there's a wealth of knowledge to be gained not only from speakers, but from other pilots who range from just starting their careers, to the experienced.

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U.S. Customs & Border Protection (Air & Marine) will be holding an Express Pilot Hiring Center (EPHiC) at this years 2017 HeliSuccess in Las Vegas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only registered attendees of the 2-Day HeliSuccess Career Development Seminar can be EPHiC applicants.


If you are registered for HeliSuccess and interested applying for a pilot position with CBP Air & Marine Ops see the information below.


Limited spots are available. You can reserve your spot at:


As an EPHiC applicant, you will receive priority in the hiring pool. This means that once 1 step is completed, you will go to the top of the list for the next step. The EPHiC process is a three phase process.

Phase 1: Qualification, Tentative Offer of employment, fingerprint collection and E-Qip initiation (At Heli-Success).

Phase 2: Polygraph scheduling or Poly Waiver if applicable.

Phase 3: Structured interview in Oklahoma City (Day 1). Upon Successful completion of the interview, Day 2 you will be scheduled for your Personal Fitness Test, and Medical. No need to worry, AMO will fund your hotel rooms for 2 nights. We expect you to be complete by early afternoon day 2.

Have a question about EPHiC? Please ask!


It'd be more fun if they did the polygraph tests at Helisuccess! :D

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well.....a lot got got recruited by the air and marine operations. don't say border patrol...they do not like that, found out the hard way..haha. to be honest it was a great event. the speakers were really good, made a lot of good contacts, gave out lots of resumes to people hiring, learned alot! there were a couple low time cfi"s that i believe even got jobs ( as instructors of course) lyn and all the big guys were really there to help....no matter what your pilot level was. i am going back next year....no matter where i am in my career!

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its not certain questions that there failing. its that your nervous, they have you testing for like 4-8 hours. people get all worked up and angry sitting there that long. they ask you questions that are personal to get you worked up. its almost like there trying to fail you.


It seems this way but I flew recently with a Captain that used to be a DEA agent. Asking you the same question in different manners is just a technique.


The real problem is as you said - nervous, you most likely want the job since you are there and you getting the job hinges on making it through this test.


Its just a game, play it, don't sweat it. You don't have to be perfect. Example -"You ever steal anything" reply "Hell YEAH" - "what did you steal"? - "every time I go to a hotel I take the pen..."


Honesty is all that they are looking for.


"You ever take drugs" "Yep sure did" "why" "I hurt my back and my Dad gave me a pain killer out of his prescription"

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The numbers I have read, nothing official so take with a grain of salt, is they are looking for 75-100 pilots. My story goes much the same as everyone else that has failed. Until they do something about the polygraph they are going to continue to have trouble hiring. I don't know what the answer is but something has to change.

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