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Renew Flight Physical Before WOCS

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So I accidentally bumped into my flight surgeon for my hearing test and asked him similar questions.

So the 18 month countdown begins from the moment you started phase 2 of the physical. If your time clears WOCS, youre good to go. Youll wind up doing the same flight physical all over again at WOBC.

If you are going to be outside of tolerance before/during WOCS, go to your flight surgeon and schedule another physical. If you are already boarded and ready to go, they should start the process over and you will hopefully be good to go prior to leaving your station (alternatively, you should be literally able to walk into the Rucker medical center during the 10 days prior and check there for phase 2 results.)

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Ok. I guess I'm just a little confused as to how the physicals work. It's looking like having a current 1W physical is required to begin WOCS, so I would have to go through the 1W process again. Then, after beginning flight status all physicals would be class 2 flight physicals.

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-1W good for 18 months before WOCS, clock starts on the date of exam, not the date approved.

-first class 2 physical before WOBC good for two years to try to get you through Rucker without needing to renew.

-after that, flight physicals due annually on your birth month, can knock it out up to three months early.

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