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Navy corpsman tO WOFT

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3 hours ago, Chance said:

Hey everyone, 

I want to apply for WOFT Where should I begin and when should I begin? I am currently active duty E-4 corpsman and my EAS is September of 2021

Get with a recruiter, i heard its harder from another branch but its possible, miss a 100% of the shots you dont take, and also dont let a recruiter tell you, you cant do it, unless you are dq'ed from phys


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Start here ^

Use that link with all the info provided here on Vertical Reference. I completed the packet with almost no assistance from a recruiter until I absolutely needed one. Many people are willing to help, but nobody will hold your hand through the process. Start now though, my process took a year start to finish (I am sister service, OCONUS, and required PRK) Good Luck!

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