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Army Aviation Regulation

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I am scheduled to meet with a State and Federal board as a requirement to submitting my packet for the National Guard. One of the questions they told me to be prepared for is "What is the Army regulation that governs Army Aviation?". The answer I came up with is:

AR 95-1 is specific to Aviation Flight Regulations. This regulation governs aircraft operations, crew requirements, and flight rules. In 1997 the publication was revised to include AR 95-3 which also covers Aviation general provisions, standardization, training, and management of aviation resources.

Can anyone confirm this to be correct? I have done quite a bit of research and I've found a lot of great resources and different regulations around Aviation risk management, unmanned aerial operations, etc but this set of regulations seems to be the closest to what they are asking for. Thanks in advance. 

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I would agree. AR 95-1 is kinda the aviation bible, it tells you a baseline for when you can fly, how much fuel you have to have, what equipment must be onboard, etc.  The only other publication that might come close is TC 3-04.4 Fundamentals of Flight, which delves into the aerodynamics of both rotary and fixed wing flight in multiple situations. 

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14 hours ago, SBuzzkill said:

Just go with AR 95-1 and avoid getting into the weeds.  It's a strategy that will help you later too.  LoL

That was great advice I got for check rides. Answer the question and shut up. If the IP wants too know more they will ask.

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