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I have written out a few rough drafts and revisions to my essay and had some peers give me advice.  This is what I have so far.  If you have the time please give it a read and give some insight or advice on what I should change, add, remove, etc. 


Some background on me before the essay.  I am a 68W, PFC with a year and a half of service.  I was a holdover at airborne school (injury before I even started) for 8 months.  I just got to my unit a couple weeks ago, and my leadership is all for sending me to do greater things.  I have not taken the SIFT yet, but I have a study guide and I am studying every day.  I also need to get the flight physical done first but I am not in the best shape right this moment and don't meet height/weight.  I am working on that every day and will be good to go by the time it's actually time to get the physical done.   This is something I've always wanted to do, and unfortunately I didn't know about the street to seat program before I enlisted. 

I aspire not only to be an Army Aviator, but to be seen as a leader as a warrant officer.  Just seeing and hearing helicopters roar overhead turns my head in awe, knowing I will be the one flying one day.  I will be an excellent Army Aviator, and an exemplary leader as a warrant officer.

After playing soccer for 5 years, I learned the value of being a team player.  Decision making and leadership skills were developed as I was team captain for 3 of those years.  During trade school I volunteered as class leader, excelling for all 4 years.  Having this role further enhanced my leadership ability and team orientation.  Attending a technical high school also greatly contributed to a strong technical ability.

At Fort Benning I volunteered to help at the Martin Army Community Hospital, increasing screening efficiency and expediting the process to admit patients in need of help.  I also volunteered at the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic.  During AIT I volunteered for a squad leader position, in charge of over 30 soldiers daily.  While serving in this position I was appointed the tactical leader for the entire platoon during a 14 day FTX at Camp Bullis.  I was chosen because my peers acknowledged my capability of operating under high stress, and as a leader.

I have always dreamt of being an aviator, and I am fully ready and capable to turn those dreams into reality.  Due to my past experiences in leadership roles, ability to operate under stress, technical ability, team orientation, and greatest of all the will to fly, I will become an aviator and I will be an outstanding leader as a warrant officer.

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This is just my personal advice, and caveat, I haven't been selected yet so take my advice with a grain of salt.

It sounds like you have some stuff you need to get straight on your end first so if I were you this is how I would prioritize my time: the first thing you need to do is get yourself straight with height/weight and PT. As a Leader in the Army, physical fitness is important and the Soldiers around you will expect you to lead by example. This is why PT is an important factor for the board. It's free chicken; get yourself on a workout plan, exercise on your own time, quit drinking for a bit and eat right. For the SIFT, buy a good study guide, print off the FAA rotorcraft manual, and study study study. I took 3 months and prioritized my personal time for studying for the SIFT. Take as much time as you need but study your ass off. When you are IAW AR 600-9 go schedule your flight physical and get it done. Remember if you don't have a 40 or above SIFT and an approved 1W flight physical you aren't even a candidate. Focus on these 50 meter targets. In the meantime volunteer for everything you can at your unit. Every range coverage, every school, every board. As a PFC, these are your opportunities to separate yourself from your peers and gives you more material to add to your resume and to show the WOFT board members that you have what it takes. Once you've gotten your SIFT and flight physical taken care of and gotten your PT situation straight and created a positive reputation for yourself in your unit then look at your resume and go from there. We can help you polish up your resume but I think you should focus on polishing yourself first (no pun intended).

Good luck and kudos for coming to the right place for questions. 


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