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Help, am I too short?!

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Hello All, 

So I'm looking at submitting a flight packet next year for the May board and the only thing really concerning me at this point is my height... I'm 26, female and served 4.5 years active duty working as a 15P before getting out and going to school. My degree is in Aviation and Aerospace science with a concentration on being a flight officer. I'm currently working on my flight training on the civilian side but I've always wanted to fly for the Army. I have 2 W5s writing my LORs along with my flight instructor, but, all that doesn't mean much if I can't pass the physical. I stand proud and tall at 5'3 and I know I don't meet the regs for the height requirements. Does anyone know of anyone my size who's been granted the waiver and gotten into flight school? I'd hate to be DQd for something beyond my control. 



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AR 40-501 is what you're looking for. Chapter 4 has the 3 measurements they conduct during your physical:

"1) Class 1. Failure to meet linear anthropometric standards. The following are qualifying:

(a) Total arm reach equal to or greater than 164.0 centimeters.

(b) Sitting height equal to or less than 102.0 centimeters.

(c) Crotch height equal to or greater than 75.0 centimeters."

I was on the opposite end of the height spectrum and mine was done about 8 years ago, so my information may be a bit dated. Generally if you do not meet one of those standards you can apply for an exception to policy (waiver) by conducting a cockpit evaluation. The cockpit evaluation is essentially where you sit in each airframe (mine was at Rucker) and someone observes you and signs off that there are no safety of flight issues associated with whatever measurement you were out of standard for. They should generate a memo for you that lists each aircraft and whether or not you passed the evaluation in that airframe, and an overall recommendation as to whether the ETP be granted or not. That will get sent to Rucker and as long as you pass the Lakota and one of the advanced airframes you should be good to go.

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Awesome thanks for the quick replies! My reserve unit goes to the field in October so I'll be doing my waiver memo once they get back in November. Just seeing if anyone had known someone as small as I am who managed to get waived. I'm trying to figure out what's a reasonable expectation for this situation. 

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I know I am a little late, but I was also in the exact same situation as you are a few months back. I did my flight physical and even though I passed all the measurements my unit wanted me to conduct a cockpit evaluation since I was so close to the prescribed limit for crotch height (I stand 5'3 as well). I passed so if I did need a waiver it would have most likely been granted. Really all you have to prove is that you can reach all of the important controls. I did mine in the AH-64 and the seat adjusted so it wasn't difficult at all for me to manipulate anything. Just pray and stretch beforehand, that's what I did at least. I still had a little room to reach pretty much everything so unless you are significantly shorter than 5'3 I wouldn't stress entirely too hard about being short. 

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