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RR 250C20 starting temperatures

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Legend tells of a letter or guidance issued by either RR or Allison eluding to the engine manufacturer's preference to the engine being started quite warm.

My first run in with this tale was about 10 or so years ago when I hopped in a jetranger with the DO of a company I just contracted onto for an interview flight. Hit the starter and opened the throttle at the appropriate time. Engine temperature skyrockted well past the redline of the gauge and was gunning for the 927 dot. I aborted the start. He asked my why I gave up so early then explained that all of the company's 250C20 series engines (Probably 10-15 helicopters) were set to start that warm as Rolls Royce put out some sort of guidance. I started the helicopter again and again the temperature headed to the 927 dot with no delay. Stopping just a fraction of an inch short and then very quickly falling back out of the 10 second range for starting above red line.

Sure enough every single tail number I flew for them with a c20 started the same way.

I've heard of this letter more than once since then.

Does it exist? Can someone post it? Where can I download it?

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