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Training (BCT, WOCS, etc) and Family

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So, I'm on my way to submitting my WOFT packet, and I have some questions about what happens afterward. I'm planning on getting my packet in by the end of the month or so, and hopefully getting selected soon after. If that all works out, I'll probably ship around February. The problem is, that my wife and I just found out that we are expecting our second child, and my wife is due at the end of March.


So, my question is, what happens if my wife goes into labor while I'm at basic? Will I get to go be with her? What if she goes into labor while I'm at some other school (WOCS, etc). Hopefully it's not during SERE training, because I know I wouldn't be able to leave that :) .



On another note, how exactly does the training go? Like what comes between BCT and IERW?

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My roommate during WOCS had a child, his first, while he was in candidate school. The only special treatment he got was a couple extra phone calls to ensure his wife was doing well. The leadership was really good about keeping him informed, but he was still a candidate and didn't get time off or anything extra.


Fort Rucker is a popular place to have children. Outside of being in BCT/WOCS/SERE, they are pretty good most of the time with giving time off for family. They even give paternity leave between different courses from time to time. Unfortunately if you ship in February, you'll be out of luck.


If you get selected, see if you can get a shortfall slot and leave earlier. If you make it through BCT and WOCS, you should be good to go. They might even push your SERE date back a couple weeks if your wife was about to give birth. BOLC would be super flexible with the process too.

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I know there has been some discussion about flexibility with family issues that come up but I was wondering about what happens if you have a death in your family, say a grandparent. Is there a way to attend a funeral for just a day or two during BCT, WOCS or anything where you are away in the field?


Also, what happens if someone gets injured during one of the training phases? Are they out of the track all together or rolled back with another class or continue on with their class?

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The Army is so dumb sometimes. People are blowing their brains out in record numbers and the only thing they can think of is mandating a revamped PowerPoint presentation teaching "serenity now".


The answer is, and always has been to quit f#*king soldiers over.


Drhill, neither is very difficult, BCT is tedious because it's 9 weeks long, and it's more physical. WOCS isn't physical at all, but still just as pointless. The sad reality is many of the guys teaching are warrants that couldn't cut it, or are looking to hide from combat. Too many guys that have never deployed.


There really isn't a single good reason why you couldn't miss significant time in either, let alone a few hours if your child was born.

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