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Introduction and Stats

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Hello, I'm pleased to be writing this after I received advice from member Lindsey that this forum is a much better resource than my last location.


So, I met with a recruiter this morning about applying for WOFT and of course I was given the it's easier from the enlisted side speech. He even gave that after I handed him a copy of the article written by CW5 Reese. http://www.quad-a.or...ese_1211p12.pdf


I gave him my stats which aren't super impressive but he insisted that I needed a 3.5 or higher undergrad just to get in.


GPA - 2.99 undergrad

one course from MBA with 3.42 GPA

AFAST - 128

QT - 93

GT- 132

APFT - 267

Letters from Active Duty Ltn Col. Aviation

Active Duty Major Aviation

Active Duty Major Acquisitions

College professor/Dean of college

Retired E8 - Ranger


No waivers of any kind and yet he made it sound like I didn't have a chance. Then I told him that I understand that these packets are a lot of work and he started to back peddle and say that it was "part of his job" and that it was no problem.


Most of my packet is already in the system from when I applied to OCS (non select at the USAREC level) so he doesn't even have to do the normal work load.


He also said that the USAREC board is made up of E6's and up for the WOCS selection. Is this true? I was under the impression that WO's and O's sat on that board?


Any advice or answers to the above question are greatly appreciated.

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From what I've been seeing lately it seems like being enlisted seems to make up for lower scores on the tests and the college part.


I've been researching other forums and from this last board it seems like the enlisted guys wouldn't stand a chance against most of you civilians if we were all grouped together.


That would be about the only advantage of being enlisted first. But then look at FY 2011 and you would much rather be a civilian trying. Just depends on the year when they decide which side they want more. On the Active side we had an 18 year old Private with no college and no real military experience with like a 116 AFAST and a 120 GT score get picked up this last board.

The USAREC board is just weird, nobody honestly seems to know how they choose candidates. Right when you think you've found a formula they'll throw a curveball and select someone like the aforementioned Private.


That whole 3.5 undergrad GPA just to get in is BS. A person got picked up in September with just an AA degree alone. Plus it isn't THAT uncommon to see true "high school to flight school" candidates get selected. Literally 18 year old kids who graduated high school in the spring and were in WOCS by the fall. I've personally seen it happen.

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Thanks for the responses everyone, I think the recruiter was trying to do the typical "let's see if I can meet my quota by talking someone into enlisting". I hope he continues to warm up to me but I'm definitely not going to rely on him to help me out.


I do have a B.A in History, graduated with a 2.992 (officially from my transcript) Can't get much closer than that.


I'm currently 1 course away from my MBA with a gpa of 3.42, but I really don't want to wait and apply next summer once I have graduated. I'm nearly 28 and would like to get a career started.


Despite the recruiter's negative feedback I'm going to push forward and give it everything I have. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress and provide any feedback that might be helpful to others.


Thanks again for the replies!

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Every board selects with a different set of stats because different people get selected. That is why I always think looking at past percentages is pointless. There is one absolute certainty: you'll never go to flight school if you don't apply.


Way to go pushing through the recruiter's feedback. It isn't his job to evaluate you for flight school, or they wouldn't have the board. :P

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Keep pushing if this is what you really want. My own opinion about the recruiters is that they are trying to get people into the enlisted ranks, but I think they (at least some) are also trying to gauge how serious you are about this. If they are going to invest the time on you I think they want to know you are going to see it through yourself. Good luck!

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