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Man! Where DO they come up with this stuff?


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I would say it's an insurance thing, but jeez that's a little ridiculous for even for an insurance company. 750 TT and maybe 50 in a 44 would be a bit more realistic, but what do I know :)

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I would usually say insurance...but that number is a bit high. 50 in a 44 with 750TT would more than satisfy any insurance company I have dealt with, but what do I know. They have their reasons I guess.

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New ad for an R44 tour pilot. 750 TT, 500 R44...come on dude really?...its a frikn' R44!


Where do they get these numbers from?

It could be for many reasons.


It is a lease back aircraft and that is the owners requirements.


They want a pilot that meets 135 requirements if they move that direction.


That is part of the pilot warranty for reduced insurance premiums.


The company owner has his ass on the line and this is his internal insurance for risk reduction.


No one is asking for this to be the industry standard, are they?


Pilots do not consider the financial commitment and life risk of helicopter operators.


Meet the requirements or apply somewhere else.



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Definitely supply and demand. Imagine a pilot just shy of around 1000 hours who won't qualify for a turbine tour job this season and don't want to keep teaching for another year only getting minimal flight time, they're in this exact position.


Take it from me, without turbine time, you're just spinning your wheels in this industry. I know a guy who did this last season. Took an R44 tour job because he couldn't get into turbine tours. Now has over 2000 total time, but without any turbine time he's still unemployable for the off season.


More and more jobs are upping their hours and requiring turbine time. 2 years ago Haverfield wanted 1500 total, now it's 2500 and 500 turbine. PHI used to be the same way. Everyone wants turbine time but fewer places want to train. It's getting to the point that I wouldn't be surprised to see a Robinson safety pilot with 5000 hours piston have to do a couple years of tours to get a job requiring 1000hours 250 turbine...

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