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Selecting C-12s in IERW

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Upon selecting C-12, do you have ANY military instructor pilots throughout the IERW & IEFW course in the pilot seat with you?

And from what I understand, it's official now, no solo time whatsoever in IERW/IEFW. Does that mean you always fly with an instructor? Or can you fly with a stick buddy?

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Working off 2 year old info but I believe it's still accurate. Correct there is no solo, you always fly with an IP and have a stick buddy. During all flights you or your stick buddy will be sitting in the back seat and you'll swap out halfway through the flight. This carries over to IEFW as well. All IPs are contractor through both IERW and IEFW and I don't believe that has changed. 

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2 minutes ago, zaurus said:

That being the case on civilian instructors, you earn your fixed wing rating and military wings without any military flight instruction.

It's possible to do that in the rotary wing courses as well with retired DAC instructors for advanced airframes. It really doesn't make a difference anyway, getting your wings is just the beginning and you really aren't a safe or competent pilot when you leave flight school.

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On 12/22/2020 at 6:26 PM, zaurus said:

Since you are only trained in thinking as a copilot, you need not be too competent in flight school. Now, I can see why the pass rate is so high. You have no responsible as a flight student. It's always in the instructors hands.

Speaking of abilities straight out of flight school...you hear he navy is considering removing carrier qualifications from their curriculum?

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