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Let's see some opinions on the low flyby during the Titan football game a few weeks ago.

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Can you make a snap judgement call after seeing the video or wait until all the facts are in? Did they fly at the right altitude, or not high enough or not low enough? Is counseling required or perhaps loosing ones wings in setting an example? There have been cases in the recent past where a Navy and Air Force pilot lost their wings in football low flybys. View the Air Force B-52 and C-17 tragic flyby accidents on you tube, both pilots were experienced aviators and hand selected. Could their accidents been prevented?


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Posted in r/aviation thread:


"Since there are very few facts presented by people commenting here are a few to digest.


-The flight lead crew in the Apache for this flight was the Aviation Brigade Commander and Brigade Standardization Pilot. The boss everyone keeps saying is going to fry these guys was flying.


-The flight was also approved on the military side at the General Officer level which included a briefing of the entire mission.


• ⁠Extensive coordination occurred in the weeks and days leading up to this including direct coordination with the FAA. This included approval of all routes and altitudes to be flown during the ingress, flyover, and egress. Additionally there was an FAA representative located with military personnel in the stadium that maintained communication with the flight throughout the entire mission. At no time did any aircraft come near any cables or attempt to underfly them. The cables were attached to the bottom portion of the middle deck, creating a visual illusion when viewed from the ground that they were much closer than they actually were.


• ⁠There was no formal complaint filed to the FAA, this is a direct response to irresponsible reporting by a local affiliate news station and further echoed by CNN. When presented with this the Military and FAA are both in a tough spot. Of course they are going to publicly say that they are reviewing the incident. Nothing is going to happen to these crews, the FAA review is scheduled to be completed next week. What will happen is the military is going to be extremely hesitant to participate in these events in the future.


-Bottom line everyone can argue whether this was smart, but it was absolutely legal and approved at multiple levels by civilian and military coordinating agencies"

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