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Kmax experience?


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Happy New Year,

got an opportunity to get into a Kmax this season, any body have thoughts on flying it?  I know its slow and you have to "manhandle" it like a Hiller 12E

Seems to have a high rate of fatal accidents compared to other Airframes.

30 years in the industry and I'd like to make it to 40 so i can retire full time. Thoughts appreciated.


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35  K-MAX are worldwide in service - registered in 5 countries

5 K-MAX are withrawn from use at Kaman or to be rebuilt

14 K-MAX are written off and no longer in service

Not exactly a stellar record by any other airframe standard, I'll somewhat buy the higher-than-normal numbers based on doing lift work but I think it's still rather high at 25% written off

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