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R66 bites it

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sheesh, not what we should be reading about already...


"The Robinson R66 helicopter crashed in an open field shortly after takeoff. After landing at Girardot Airport (SKGI) the two occupants decided to make a pleasure flight over the region with the fatal result.


Killed in the crash was Juan Pablo Gaviria, President of the Colombian Civil Air Patrol and the pilot."

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I'm probably the biggest Robbie basher around...but there are way too many variables that could have happened to be thinking its a fault with the R66...


For all we know they forgot to put fuel in it before takeoff...

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not a good start.


Hmm, how does Columbia get so much money they can fly R66's?


Seriously, with only 2 people on board, you have so much power reserve it would be really hard to screw up anything. We all knew sooner or later every model would be involved in a bad accident, I will be very curious to see what they find as the cause.


The R66 has a mini computer in it that tracks many different inputs, mostly from the turbine. It could come in helpful in an accident investigation, sorta like a mini FDR.

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Schocking this soon from release of the R66. One was downtown by me not too long ago. The fly smooth and operate smooth, can't believe it had anything to do with the mechanics other than a maitanence/prep error by the crew, I'll chalk this up for human error.

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There are photos of tail section cut\ broken off, said to happened at approx 300Ft?.

Blade flap? or failure of structure not known, either way not good, dead is dead however it happens condolences to the relatives & friends.

Conflicting information as usual.





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If you watch one of the videos it shows a section of the tail in the trees at the edge of the field. IMHO they were low level and popped over the trees did a push-over and chopped the tail boom then momentum took them to the middle of the field.



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