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What are my chances without a college degree ???

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Just wondering how much its going to hurt me NOT having a degree.......and does being prior service in aviation really help that much ?



i know everyone asks, so i guess i will too.


What are my chances ????


I understand its anyones guess but wouldn't mind anyone throwing thier thoughts out there.



Here are my stats so far


30yrs old


Prior service- NAVY (E-5) 5 years active duty (aviation background as stated above)


High School - Graduated



UNLV student (Mech. Engineering)

84 credits in my major (110+ credits total which include my stuff from the military and other colleges)



PRK- done by the Navy



LOR(s)- (4 total)

(1) Commander rank O-5 (2) Lt.Commander rank O-4 (1) Chief petty officer retired rank E-7



AFPT- did not complete yet, but i have done a practice test recently...i am probably about a 230 right now, im going to keep working out and will improve on that score a bit.

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Almost everyone I know who went street to seat has at least a 4 year degree.


That said, I don't have a degree and I made it. Your chances are as good as you can write an essay, put together a resume, get awesome letters of rec, blow the aptitude test away, blow the ASVAB away, pass the physical, do on the APFT, look good in your DA photo, etc.

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Im taking the SIFT next month.....already sent my PRK paper work and that took almost 2 months to get approved, so atleast thats out of the way.



I wonder how much an aviation background helps....i been through a bunch of aviation maintenance courses which are all listed on one of my transcrips so they will see that for sure. I just really want to get accepted and this month all 19 out of 33 people had degrees which is why i was asking.


thanks for the input



Oh by the way.... i have 900+ flight hours as a backseater in the Navy but i doubt they care about that

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The last WOFT selection board was held 2 weeks ago. Below are the stats for civilians/prior service applicants.


33 boarded, 19 selected, all but one had either a bachelors or a masters. The other selectee had a 2 yr AS dgree.


Is it possible? Possibly but why swim up stream. Complete the degree with over a 3.0 GPA and then apply if time permitting.

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I agree with Lindsey. I don't know why people would not even submit a packet for fear that one thing may not be looked at favorably by the board. Just submit, you get 2 free looks, and if your not selected, keep trucking away at that degree.

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Yeah....i am going to apply while finishing my school, which i think will take me 2 more years. Thats puts me at 33.


I personally know of 2 people from las vegas(where i live) that had gotten accepted in jan.2011 without a completed degree(one had 80 college credits, the other had 35 credits) and they didn't have prior service under thier belt.


IMO...that was then, this is now. 2011 was a GREAT year to apply, now were at 2013(fy2013 starts oct 2012) so well see.


I must add that one of my letters is from an 0-5 commander who works in the Pentagon....and my LOR had a header from "DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, pentagon drive address" So i am hoping that my prior service, my college thus far and really GOOD LORs(3 higher ranking Navy officer pilots, and 1 ret. upper enlisted) will put me over the hump.

Some people said, LORs are probably equally as important as college....others disagree. I guess im going to find out pretty soon (dec/jan) either way.


So who is taking the SIFT the first part of OCT ???????

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