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Army XP program

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I usually see an email about it once a year or so. Pretty sure the requirements from a few months ago were 1000 hours, tracked PC and a degree in an engineering/science related field. My flight school IP went XP and said it is awesome but the naval test pilot school was tough and very math intensive. 

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Yea I’ve been reading about it. Love the portfolio broadening it can do for your logbook. Looks like a small window where I can apply.


long way off I need to get through flight school first but I work better when I have “big plan” type of goals to keep me motivated

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No idea how many people apply right? May be dated info but the briefing I read from 2019 said there are 18 WO XP graduates nationally needed. Idk if that’s a revolving thing or they just need replace em the WO when they move on and that’s all the annual seats they give

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Is there not a career manager assigned to that?  I can't login to HRC anymore, but I would start there.  They usually put information like that on their page.  

https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/Officer Personnel Management Directorate

If there's nothing there once you're done with flight school you can contact your own career manager and ask them about it.

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15 hours ago, zaurus said:

Nil5038 & XP

Once a Sailor, always a Sailor. You are ALWAYS thinking out side the box. Future CW5 material here, folks.

Don't put that evil on him.

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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