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here it is gentlemen and the few ladies, directly from the warrant website...


"11 July 2012 - The Aviation Branch has developed a replacement for the Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (AFAST). The new test is the Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT), and will be implemented on 1 October 2012. In order to facilitate this transition to the SIFT, 153A will not select on the Nov selection board, the first Accessions Board that will select 153A packets will be January 2013. This will give individuals enough time to report to a testing facility and take the SIFT for inclusion in their packet.

Any Warrant Officer packets for MOS 153A, Rotary Wing Aviator, MUST have a qualifying SIFT score in their packet after 1 October 2012. If a Warrant Officer packet is determined by USAREC to be "Board Ready" prior to 1 October 2012, an AFAST score will still be accepted. Any packet that is submitted after 1 October 2012 with an AFAST score will be returned to the individual, with the instructions to take the SIFT and re-submit their packet with a SIFT score.

Any questions regarding this transition from AFAST to SIFT can be directed to the Aviation Branch Proponent office, at (334)255-1420, or brad.r.cook.mil@mail.mil."

now, first things first... where is the dang study guide for this thing? anyone found one yet?

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One reason they wanted to replace the AFAST with the SIFT was because there was to much information (Aka study material) on the AFAST. In one of the articles posted about the SIFT they said it "isn't a test your suppose to study for", even though everyone included myself will do everything in our power to be prepares as possible for it. I believe the SIFT is an Army/ Navy mixture, many sections will have the same concepts as the AFAST. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.


I have been waiting for the SIFT to replace the AFAST, I scored a 100 on the AFAST and was extremely disappointed in myself. Now I have the opportunity to get a higher score on the SIFT test and hopefully increase my chances of getting selected. That is if I don't get selected the first two times around. This is my situation though, many people that have high scores will be disappointed that they have to take another test and I fully understand both sides of the situation.

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Hmmm....so it looks like there won't be any 153A applicants (like myself) going for the November board. That really sucks. I just took the ASVAB, physical, and did a security interview, and am scheduled to take the AFAST Tuesday of next week. My recruiter was even getting ready to send me for my flight physical in a couple of weeks.


So now, I have a couple of dilemmas. Should I take the AFAST next week and still submit my packet before October 1? Also, how is any of my paperwork going to expire (i.e. LORs, Medical, ASVAB Scores, Flight Physical, etc)


If anyone has any insight on any of this, that would be great. Thanks!

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Im in your boat celica. Im gonna try to submit my paperwork before oct 1. If its after then all we have to do is get a sift score to replace the afast score. The rest should still be good

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So, I found the answer to my questions on my own, but I thought I'd post in case anyone else has the same questions. The ASVAB and MEPS Physical are good for 2 years, LORs need to be no more than 12 months old, and the flight physical is good for 18 months.


another question what exactly is "BOARD READY"? I have everything done and a flight phsical scheduled 24 July 2012, would I be "BOARD READY" after my Batallion Interview??


I emailed the email listed on the notice. I posted my email and response here:



It seems like board ready just means 100% complete, with no issues or errors. It think you will be "board ready" before your battalion interview. I don't think you'd get a battalion interview without having a "board ready" packet.

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Here's a link about the SIFT that was buried in another thread:




Of note, this quote:


The recommendation that stemmed

from the review of existing predictor measures was that

the Army should use either the cognitive tests from the

U.S. Navy’s Aviator Selection Test Battery (ASTB) or

the USAF’s Air Force Officer Qualification Test

(AFOQT) as its cognitive ability predictor measure. The

Army chose the ASTB, in large part because it is already

web-enabled, and was granted permission from the Navy

to administer it via the Navy’s web-based system (called

the Automated Pilot Examination System, or “APEX”)

during the preliminary validation study. The current

version of the ASTB includes subtests measuring

Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Ability,

Mechanical Comprehension, Spatial Apperception, and

Aviation and Nautical Information.


Thus, it would seem to be very beneficial for us to pick up some ASTB practice tests/study guides to at least become familiar with the format/style/subjects of the test.


That whole link I posted above is worth a good reread.





The end of that link has a powerpoint which highlights the recommendations from the study (and what the SIFT will most likely consist of):




●ASTB Cognitive Scales (without “Aviation/Nautical Info”)

Math -Verbal Test (MVT)

Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT)

Spatial Apperception Test (SAT)

●Army Aviation Information Test

●Perceptual Speed and Accuracy Test (2 subtests)

-Hidden Figures and Simple Drawings

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my brain hurts trying to figure this out... ugh. why can't they publish a study guide like the afast has and be done with it. it was much easier for us learners that way lol oh well. great finds lindsey

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Here's another really detailed article by the same guy that might offer some insight on how to do well on the SIFT: http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA472259


If I was applying I would be looking forward to being among the first to take the SIFT. If you did well on the AFAST you'll probably do well on the SIFT. The fact that there isn't as much information out there shouldn't discourage you. Yes, there were a lot of great techniques for maximizing your AFAST score and those who took the time to learn them could score much higher than those who didn't. You probably won't be able to blow away the average SIFT score like you can the average AFAST score. But that's not your goal. Your goal is to get selected. And small differences in SIFT scores will look much better than a stellar AFAST score. The guys selecting have made it clear that they lost all faith in AFAST scores years ago. Your 140-150+ isn't impressing them. Scoring 5-10% higher than the average SIFT score will.

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From that link, I noticed this statement:


However, a future technical report will concentrate on female aviators and will include the findings from the incoming female student aviators.



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I think all of us will do ok on the SIFT, the main problem is there isn't another board for 6 months :(


Amen to that. I was hoping for the November board as well.... Part of me wants to avoid taking the SIFT at all costs since I got a 144 on the AFAST, but if what D10 is saying is true, it could actually be beneficial to have a decent SIFT score in our packets.


The waiting is the worst, wish I submitted a packet in 2008, but If i don't do it now i'll be saying the same thing in 2014, LOL. On a positive note, this will give us more time to improve our packets, and levels the flight test playing field since you can't really study for it.


Akscott60 - As far as I know they are still doing the civilian boards every month, hopefully someone will clarify though.

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Hell, that is how I thought they did it back when I got boarded. If I am wrong, then ignore me. I know that at least my recruiter told me that I didnt get picked up on the December board but I did on the January one. That was 2009/2010 though.

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Anyone know when the new APFT will be required? This article says October..




I read it was canned, but I can't remember where I read that. Something along the lines of it getting way too complicated and they just said "nevermind."

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