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SOAR anyone?

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Calling all Army aviators: Now is the time to go spec ops. Army Special Operations Aviation Command is seeking helicopter pilots and aviation officers to fill critical slots in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and to keep up with the overall high demand for Army pilots.


In fiscal year 2013, the command is looking for about 300 applicants.


This is something that has been weighting on my mind a considerable amount lately. Is that something you want to be know at Rucker, I want be in the 160th?


This article gets me so pumped I feel like I am going to explode!

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Wait they will take people straight out of flight school?? I thought everyone needed experience before hand to even apply?


According to some friends at Rucker now, they do allow folks right out of flight school to assess.

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Would be an amazing job/career. I contacted them a few months ago and they said to contact them as soon as I got to flight school. No flight time is necessary and a lot of time they prefer guys who are young, have little TIS, low flight time, because they are more maleable than the "been around the block" 10 year Master Seargant or CW3+.


That's what their recruiter told me anyway. Here' a website with some general info: http://www.soc.mil/160th/160th.html

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Sometimes the base theater will have an ad up with a meeting time and such. I've seen it a couple of times over the years. Assess early and often is the phrase for 160th seekers. And then be prepared to live that life. The ops tempo is going to be a lot higher there, which could be a double edged sword. The first couple years are supposedly the busiest and when you'll see your family the least.

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Got a reply:


You can apply when you get to Instruments in Flight School. We take very few straight out of flight school each year so don't discouraged if you don't get picked up on you're first try. The Assessment Officer will give you detailed guidance on what to work on before reapplying. The only thing you can do to increase your chances is to be at the Top of your class in WOCS and Flight School.


Game On... :ph34r:

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