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ok so i just learned about some new stuff in class.


question of the day.

those of you flying, and have an aircraft with multi-purpose displays, what screens do you have up on them while flying? co-piloting? mtf ing? so on and so forth.

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Engine and a flight page on t/o, then switch to a Engine and TSD page. Engine always on the left.


Never fly around in hover mode.

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electron, if you flew apaches you wouldn't have that problem lol :)



While I'm out getting flight time you are still "fixing" the always broke apache. That's why 15R's stay so busy and 15T's get to dick off :D


Even after you go to flight school you will still be sititng around looking at broke aircraft that aren't flying. :P

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Yeah, it does depend on what you're doing. Most of the time I have an Engine page on the left and the TSD on the right.


Right now, learning to fly in the bag, I don't even know they exist half the time except during simulated EPs. It's hard enough to concentrate on what's going on in the HDU, let alone the other two screens.

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