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WOCS 15-013

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I'm national guard, no B Co for me. We TDY for WOCS then PCS for WOBC and the remaining.


Ah gotcha.

Im still trying to figure out if im PCSing for WOCS or waiting until after to move my family.. It seems that MEPS isnt going to cut orders until I swear in on the 9th of March giving me 10 days to report. Should the national guard reassignments section publish orders? Im having trouble finding guidance for my National Guard to Active Duty transition reguarding the PCS. All I have right now is the "Official notification of transfer to the US Army" memo and the ATRRS reservations.

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Haha. You think the wait is bad now..... Wait till you get the reservation confirmation, then it feels like forever.

I'm on pins and needles just trying to get this whole clusterf*ck in on time! If I heard from Rucker that my packet was in and board ready I'd be as calm as a Buddhist monk.

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Merry Christmas y'all... Good luck at basic for you guys that ship in a few days.


Thanks. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope that everyone was lucky enough to see family and friends during this time. Personally, I've made every day count and seen friends that I havent been able to catch up with in about two years. Making it back to places at home that I havent been to since high school. Really need to appreciate the little things in life. Everyone kept asking what I wanted for Christmas and as cheesy as it sounds, I told em I didnt want anything because I was given a dream in November. So calf length socks, underwear for basic, and a cheap timex watch rounded out my packing list as the gifts from my family.

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