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UH-72A Lakota

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There are still plenty of th67s. Not a lot but about every 1 in 4 class is a TH67 class. Which is a shame because theyre great training helicopters and should be used more. Id like to see the army make every other class a TH67 class. The UH72 is a great helicopter but its not meant for the rigors of flight school where it gets flown every day by student pilots who are learning the basics.

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Understood, just thought that they were on track to be 100% 72s by now. Obviously not the case. Unfortunate to hear about the maintenance issues. I do know my state has both 72s and 60s, so it would seem to make sense to have us go through a 72 class, but that's above my pay grade.

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At one time they had scaled back Lima classes, but now if youre going back to a guard unit with Limas it is almost assured you will be in a Lima class.

not true,they definitely still doing limas, got a few friends in the lima course right now.

Good to hear. When I was down at Rucker a bit ago I was told they were stopping lima classes. I know the GSAB here flies limas and all their new pilots have only flown mikes in flight school.

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Rucker doesnt really care what your state flys at home. We have 72s and I was in a 67 class. I had a friend whose state requested him to be moved to 72 because they were planning on putting him in the 72 unit, and even took it to NGB, and Rucker still wouldnt do it.


Last I heard the 67 will be around until FY 2020 and I bet that gets extended. There were several classes who had BTN completely waived because they were so far behind. In the 67 course we passed the 72 course 2 weeks ahead of us because of their maintenance issues.


The LNO was recently telling me that Rucker has tried to get rid of the A/L pipeline but a handful of states keep pushing g to keep it open instead of sending their guys to Mikes then doing a 10 day transition back to A/L. It really makes no sense.

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