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If Army helicopters were women....

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So in my waiting for the November board I figured I'd do a fun topic here. Feel free to add your input, but this is my interpretation if Army helicopters were women..




The big girl at the party of course. Some people wouldn't necessarily refer to her as beautiful. This is the girl that if you were short a few guys and needed to move a couch, she would be your first call without hesitation. There are a select few guys who are all about her and want her from day one, but they won't admit it to the rest of the group. She will be loyal, dependable and she definitely isn't leaving you once you get settled in. A lot of guys joke that they want to fly her one time just to see what it's like, but they are only half kidding. She's right at home with you and 38 of your guy friends housing pizza and slugging down beers while watching football.


Real life equivalent: Holly Mangold






The cute, petite, sassy blonde you see out at the bar. At first glance she seems easy, but is far from it. She takes a lot of patience and you really have to walk a fine line with her so she doesn't get upset. The wrong input and she will throw you to the ground. She's a regular wherever you see her and knows everyone at the bar. She's not wearing anything flashy or expensive but she makes it work. Careful though, if you really piss her off, her 4 friends are never far away and will smoke you before you know what hit you. She's aging out of the scene and is now becoming a stay at home mom so she can spend more time "training" the young ones.


Real life equivalent: Kristen Bell






This is your go to girl. She can do it all. Not only that but you can guarantee that dinner will be waiting for you when you get home from a long day of work. She's comfortable in any environment whether its the gym getting a sweat on, or a gala event where she's meeting a lot of very important people. She can pull off almost any look. Looks great in sweats but is a stunner when she gets all dolled up. You bring her home to mom and mom can't do anything but approve. You know you can marry her and be perfectly content with the coming years.


Real Life Equivalent: Julia Roberts






Exotic. Dear lord she is hell on wheels. Her past is full of drama and her ex boyfriends say she's crazy. But you can't look away. Shes done some dirty, dirty things. And most of them are on camera. It's dating a porn star with her. It sounds like such a great idea at the time but you really don't know if she'll be marriage material...ever. Secretly all of your friends are jealous that you are with her. Your friends don't want to invite her to parties because she always makes a mess of it but they know it would be boring without her. Heaven forbid you ever cross her, she will make your life hell and will try and fight any future woman you try and be with. Essentially, you're stuck with crazy.


Real life equivalent: Christy Mack





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This reminds me of a quicktime cadence I learned from a Ranger.

"Her names Irene

She's one of the best

And every night

I give her a test

I roll her over

On her side

And on her back

I've also tried

Her name's Irene

And I'll tell you some more

A Cobra in

Army Aviation Corps

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