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Anyone use AT&T wireless around Ft. Rucker?

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I had that issue in NC, I had to stand in the middle of my driveway to use my phone. I also had an AT&T salesman admit to me that they and Verizon were the most expensive.


I have Sprint now and have had alot less problems with them, plus I get unlimited everything. Not sure how their coverage is at Rucker though.

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I worked for Verizon. They are the most expensive but the best overall. I don't know about Rucker, but I'd go with T-mobile personally. Half the price of Verizon and At&t, but similar speeds and coverage in densely populated areas. In the country Verizon can't be beat, except by a satellite phone (expensive, but badass). You can go to their websites and use the coverage map too see where you'll get reception, fwiw..


Edit: Sprint sucks, and are the worst in the industry btw. Don't lock yourself into a 2 yr contract without trying it first. Unless you're in a major city and not using 4G, you're paying 60 a month for a sophisticated paperweight IMHO.


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Don't go with Tmobile, terrible coverage here. I can sit in my living room and lose signal completely. Or on post it can take several minutes to load a single webpage. Cheaper, yes but just doesn't work so there is no point.


I hear ATT is okay, Sprint is just as bad as Tmobile, and most everyone uses Verizon.


I still haven't switched because I don't want to pay $200 for another phone, a $35 activiation fee, and more $$$ every month but I'm getting close to doing it anyway.

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I just looked up Rucker Cell Coverage for T-Mobile, pretty bad for smartphones. For you guys down there, At&t covers you fairly well, with Verizon being the best. Between the two there isn't THAT much difference, and as much as I dislike the way VZW treats their employees, their network is better IMHO. As far as price, within $10-20 of eachother monthly depending on what features you get. ~$100-120 for one smartphone, ~$50-80 for one basic phone monthly.


In the NY metro area where I live, T-Mobile/Sprint actually have coverage and I can pay $60 a month for a smartphone vs. $120 with Verizon. So it's worth it for me here, but in the country It sucks. If I were in Rucker I would go with Verizon, skip the smartphone if you want to save $$$, and go to a store with your military ID to get ~15% off your bill. If no smartphone, skip insurance, and maybe roadside assistance at ~4$ a month. For smartphone, I'd stick with Droid for free navigation, cheaper replacements, more customizable, etc..


Data: 2gb of data is fine for 90% of users. Minutes and texting: Depends how much you use. 450 minutes is fine for most since you get unlimited nights, weekends, and vzw to vzw (which most ppl on post will have). For texting, depends how much you text..


If you want to call home and have long convo's with non-vzw ppl, you can always use skype, google voice, or VZW even has a home phone service you can add to your cell bill for ~$20 a month.


Oh no, they've brainwashed me!

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