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Air frame selection

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#1 peterserendenskyjr


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Posted 28 May 2018 - 08:47

Hello, I am a current reservist who just got selected for Warrant Officer Flight Training going into regular Army. 

I know someone else has a thread called 64 Vs 60's. But I would like to know a bit more about the other air frames as well. I would honestly not mind flying any of them but if i am lucky enough to get a choice I want to be well informed. A lot of you said to choose the mission and not the air frame but maybe those of you in the field can elaborate on some details of what the mission actually is. I appreciate your time and response and hope to work with you very shortly!

- Peter

#2 Thedude


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Posted 28 May 2018 - 09:50

Do you want to pick stuff up and put it back down or go shoot stuff?
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#3 AkAr


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Posted 28 May 2018 - 18:17

Do you want to pick stuff up and put it back down or go shoot stuff?

Shooting stuff IS just picking stuff up and putting it back down again, technically.
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#4 johnhenry


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Posted 29 May 2018 - 17:32

If you like instruments and chill atmosphere 47s or c12. Air assaults - 60s. Infantryman with wings and a big gun - 64s

I just selected and that was my general vibe going into it.
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#5 SBuzzkill


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Posted 30 May 2018 - 10:31

"The mission" can vary a ton depending on what roll/environment you're flying in.  


You may be super busy as a Chinook pilot in one scenario and in another be sitting around waiting for the one NEO or artillery movement you're going to get in the rotation.


You may be flying your butt off as an AH-64 pilot during a COIN deployment, or you may be sitting around stateside with broken aircraft.


You could be getting busy with air assaults and ring routes as a UH-60 pilot, or you could be in a sleepy MEDEVAC detachment just making minimums and doing patient transfers.


You could be doing exciting things in an airplane or you could be circling for hours over Korea in an RC-12.


You could be playing OPFOR in a UH-72 instead of flying whatever you picked during selection.


You could be flying an OH-58 chasing around Apaches instead of flying whatever you picked during selection.


You could assess for the 160th and do whatever they do.


My advice is to get to flight school.  Focus on doing the best you can in the birds you're flying there, and when selection comes if you don't have a favorite, pick whichever one makes your heart take an extra beat.  Or just go for the airframe with the best duty stations.  Or whichever one you get forced into.  Or just throw a beer can at the board and take what it hits.  Avoid anything that might be going away soon.  Or don't, because it may lead to opportunities you wouldn't have in other airframes.  


See what I'm saying?

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#6 Seminole


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Posted 02 June 2018 - 17:10

For the veteran guys out there;


Would you guys agree that 60s have the greatest diversity in mission types? 

#7 Trogdor


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 07:45

Sure, as long as you know attack is not one of those missions. Also know that while 60s have a diverse set of missions, you may only see a few of those in your time.

#8 mike0331


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 09:15

Isn't there one caveat to that: DAP?



#9 Trogdor


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Posted 03 June 2018 - 16:26

Sure, but since we are discussing airframe selection I am discussing what the 60 population in the big army does, not what one single 60 company in the DoD does.
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